I created this application in order to help people who suffer from Tinnitus. Using pink and white noise to mask the tinnitus sound and making it easier to sleep. With circa 200 downloads and counting, it makes me happy to think that I could help so many people, and that’s why I am proud of this application and have chosen to put it on my portfolio.

Description from Market Place:
Having tinnitus is like having a nightmare before going to sleep. It also reduces your sleep time by making it harder to go to sleep, and therefore wake up unrested to class or to work. At least that’s my experience with tinnitus, but since I discovered this method it has significantly reduced if not eliminated those issues.
That’s why I created this app, hoping that I can share the benefits of this method. And of course it’s free.

What does this app do? Most of us with tinnitus don’t really acknowledge the ringing sound while doing activities like watching a movie. But we hear it loud and clear before going to sleep, because of the silence. This app contains sounds that masks the ringing sound, and makes it easier to go to sleep. Simply and shortly put, it contains professionally mixed naturally relaxing sounds combined with sounds specifically designed to induce visualization and therefore sleep.

Reviews from users:

Thank you, it’s a good app you’ve created. I have har tinnitus for many years and it’s close to hell when I’m in silent environments. I’ve bought behind-the-ear hearing instruments from Siemens, for the very “low” (not) price, $4200. They have a “tinnitus” program in them that really don’t help at all. If I might wish for future upgrade is it different bird sounds, due to that I’ve 3 different one in my left ear that never sleeps and a half broken computer fan in the right ear. Keep up the good work and thank you. – Eric